SRX UTM: Antivirus - Kaspersky Full

Today we are going to take a little look at Antivirus on the SRX and testing it to make sure its actually working.

There are currently 3 Antivirus solutions for the SRX all of which require a different license to activate:
* Kapersky
* Sophos
* Juniper Express

Briefly, some differences between the 3 options are:
* Full file based AV
* Local signature database lookups. AV signatures downloaded as a package.
* Largest cpu performance impact 
* Supports Intelligent Prescreening

* Cloud based signature database which therefore requires..
* Constant Internet access needed for AV lookups.
* Moderate cpu perfomance impact
* No Prescreening 

Juniper Express
* Less protection than the other 2 options 
* Only protects against critical threats. Modified Kaspersky database.
* Does not reconstruct content prior to scanning 
* Pattern matching based solution. No heuristics.
* No protection against polymorphic or metamorphic viruses
* Supports Intelligent Prescreening

* Least cpu performance impact and highest throughput.